Professional Consultants focused on Personal Financial Management Who does MDI help? MoneyDoctors believes that Filipinos, whether living in the Philippines or abroad, deserve to be wealthy. If you are willing to dream, work hard to attain your financial goals, work with a coach who has your interests at heart, you are the kind of person MoneyDoctors would like to help. Our clients come to us for expert advice on anything that has to do with attaining financial security from household budgeting to estate planning to business and personal investments. We have the years of experience, the qualifications, and the credibility that ensure you are in good hands. How can MDI improve your life? MoneyDoctors creates working solutions for financial problems, shines a light on the path you need to take to be financially secure through a customized financial plan, gives unbiased advice you can trust on how to execute that plan, and will teach you crucial skills so that you can be free of us in at least two years!* Imagine what these can do to make your life so much better. The success of your financial plan will depend on your commitment and determination in attaining your financial goals as stated in the plan. What makes MDI different? MoneyDoctors understands that the roots of financial problems can come from deep inside the psyche of every person. Our unique, heuristic, and customized approach allows you to understand your money personality and will enable you to reach inside yourself for effective solutions to financial problems and realize your maximum potential. These solutions will be clearly stated in a financial roadmap we will co-write with you. We don't use "financial planning" merely as a hook to get you to buy financial products. We don't use it to get you to pay for seminars. Financial planning is our star product! However, we go beyond just writing your financial plan. We coach you through the steps, get you over the humps and blind corners, and work with you all the way through execution. Sometimes, we even act as your devil's advocate or watchful guardian angels.