Pure Turmeric Powder, 50 g

₱130.04 - Pure Turmeric Powder

Try our Pure Turmeric Powder and enjoy the BENEFITS it offers;

1. anti-depressant
2. cholesterol regulators
3. control diabetes - lowers blood sugars
4. heal wound -Turmeric is a natural antiseptic
5. help alleviate the stomach pain
6. help fight cancer-preventive effects against tumor, breast carcinomas.
7. help with weight management
8. immunity booster - help stimulate the body’s immune system.
9. improve skin conditions
10. improve digestion- chronic indigestion(dyspepsia)
11. powerful antispasmodic action
12. prevent liver disease - natural liver detoxifier.
13. protect against Alzheimer’s disease
14. reduce muscle pain and soreness
15. relieve arthritis - an anti-inflammatory
16. relieve menstrual pain /discomfort
17. relieve stress
18. strengthen ligaments
19. high level of vitamin C & amino acids
20. used as spice
21. turmeric is used as dye
22. turmeric contains curcumin
23. ginger has gingerol - substance with powerful medicinal property
24. can be used as cold and hot juice with calamansi or lemon
25. Used as ingredient to some food recipe

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