Design & Consultancy Services (PME Sign & Seal)


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Professional Mechanical Engineer (PME) Services:
1.) Prepare Designs, Plans, Lay-Outs, Investigations,Valuation, Technical Reports
Specifications, Project Study & Estimates, Etch.
2.) Construction, Fabrication, Erection, Installation, Alteration for Mechanical Work, Project or
Plant, Etch.
3.) PME Sign & Seal for Building Permit Requirements (Municipal/City)
4.) Documentary Requirements for LGU/City
5.) Engineering Permit or Permit to operate applications for DOLE and DENR, etch.

Other Services:
1.) AutoCAD Drawings:
Preparation of Mechanical & Civil Drawings in AutoCAD
2.) Plumbing/Piping Services:
Plumbing & Piping Installation Works of Industrial Machines & Equipment
3.) Maintenance & Repair Services:
Mechanical, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Repair Works of Industrial Machines & Equipment
4.) Other Mechanical Works & Related Services

You may contact me at 09335717482 or e-mail me at for more info.

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