LuntiLikhang Kakaó

₱230.00 - LuntiLikhang Kakaó

1 pack of 10 sachets / 24 grams each sachet

Ang LuntiLikhang Kakaó ay gawa sa natural at masustanyang sangkap.

Ingredients: Non-dairy creamer, skim milk, coco sap sweetener, cocoa powder, agaricus blazei murill mushroom, trans resveratrol, brown seaweed powder, spirulina, graviola (guyabano leaf powder), cordyceps sinensis mushroom, barley grass powder, chlorella powder, aloe vera powder, moringa powder, mangosteen peel powder, taurine, ginkgo biloba

Coconut based creamer - good for lactose-intolerant, helps improve indigestion and relieve constipation
Coco sap sweetener (coco sugar) - low-glycemic, high on antioxidants, iron, calcium and potassium.”
Cocoa (dark chocolate) - rich in polyphenols, reduces inflammation, improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, improved cholesterol and blood sugar levels, lowers risk of heart attack and stroke, improves brain function, improves mood and symptoms of depression – due to cocoa’s flavonol
Agaricus blazei murill mushroom - antitumor, anti-infection, and anti allergic/asthmatic properties, anti-inflammatory
Trans resveratrol - anti-oxidant / anti-inflammatory, cardio-protective benefits against heart disease, help reduce inflammation, lowers LDL or bad cholesterol, protects nerve cells from damage, prevents insulin resistance (diabetes)
Brown seaweed - iron, magnesium, vitamin B-2, or riboflavin, vitamin B-9, which is also known as folate or folic acid, vitamin B-12, fiber
Spirulina - protein, vitamin B1 (Thiamin), vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), vitamin B3 (Niacin), copper, iron, lowers LDL and triglyceride levels, anti-cancer properties (oral cancer), improves symptoms of allergic rhinitis, effective against anemia, improves muscle strength and endurance, helps with blood sugar control
Guyabano leaf (graviola) - vitamin C, riboflavin, phosphorous, thiamine
calcium, anti-cancer, boost immune system, prevents migraine, fiber which prevents constipation, boost mood and energy, and calms nerves.
Cordyceps sinensis mushroom - manages blood sugar levels, supports heart health, supports kidney health, boosts the immune system, helps to combat fatigue
Barley grass - iron, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and zinc (bone structure and strength) potassium, folate, and vitamin B6 content (healthy heart), fiber (helps prevent constipation & promotes regularity for a healthy digestive tract), choline (helps with sleep, muscle movement, learning, and memory), selenium (helps detoxify some cancer-causing compounds in the body)
Chlorella - protein, it contains all nine essential amino acids (3, 5), vitamin B12, iron & vitamin C, omega-3s, fiber, promotes eye health, supports liver health, improved digestion
Aloe vera - vitamins B, C, E, & folic acid, antioxidant & antibacterial properties, reduces constipation, digestive benefit, lowers blood sugar levels, heartburn relief
Moringa leaf - lowers cholesterol, antioxidants, protein, vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron, riboflavin, vitamin A, and magnesium
Mangosteen peel - strengthens the immune system, anti-inflammation, maintains optimal thyroid function, reduces insulin resistance, helps with weight loss, heals nerve damage, balances the endocrine system, helps lower blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia), help prevent heart disease, helps treat GERD, helps heal ulcers/sores, lowers LDL cholesterol, lowers high blood pressure, help prevent arteriosclerosis, Increases energy

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