LuntiLikhang Tsaá

₱200.00 - LuntiLikhang Tsaá

1 pack of 10 sachets / 12 grams each sachet

Ang LuntiLikhang Tsaá na may Tamarind Blend ay gawa sa natural at masustanyang sangkap.

Ingredients: Tamarind powder, coco sugar, black tea powder, green tea powder, pine bark extract, noni fruit powder and stevia

*Tamarind improves digestion, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and strengthens the heart
*Coco sap sweetener (coco sugar) low-glycemic, high on antioxidants, iron, calcium and potassium
*Black tea improves focus, with antioxidant properties, lowers “bad” (LDL) cholesterol, improves gut health, help reduce blood pressure, lowers blood sugar levels
*Green tea improves brain function, increases fat burning and boost metabolic rate, source of powerful antioxidants, improves insulin sensitivity
and reduce blood sugar levels
*Pine bark extract lowers glucose levels, reduces inflammation, helps increase athletic performance, reduce muscle soreness and helps improve conditions relating to poor circulation and osteoarthritis
*Noni fruit immune system booster, stimulates serotonin (anti-depressant) and helps you sleep (melatonin), high in soluble fiber–aids constipation, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral
*Stevia regulates blood sugar levels, fights diabetes and prevents cancer

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