Sarah's Cashew Butter

₱400.00 - Sarah's Cashew Butter

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Sarah’s Premium Cashew Butter

1) It’s new in the market.
Be one of the first to try this premium Cashew Butter spread!

2) It’s deliciously addicting.
Taste its unique, creamy, smooth texture with real, crunchy cashew bits! It’s made of cashew nuts that are finely crushed and cooked with butter. It’s delicious as a spread or use as a cooking ingredient.

3) It has no preservatives.
The way it should be!

4) Guaranteed freshly made.
Made in small batches to ensure freshness in every jar.

5) It contains less sugar than peanut butter.
Many people are opting for “less sugar” and “less sweeter” options.

Delicious Ways to Enjoy our Cashew Butter
Top your oatmeal
Blend into your smoothie
Make into fudge
Bake into cookies & brownies
Make homemade granola bar
Upgrade your sandwich
Use in sauce and dressings
Top your ice cream

Cashew, Veg. Oil, Butter, Butter, Shortening, Brown Sugar, Iodized Salt


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Sarah's Cashew Butter

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