Sarah's Vegan Butter

₱220.00 - Sarah's Vegan Butter

Taste a kind of butter you’ve never tasted before…
Butter that’s 100% Dairy Free!
Butter that’s made out of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil!
Butter that’s All Natural, Organic and Healthy!
Butter that has NO Hydrogenated Oils!
Butter that Supports Healthy Cholesterol Levels!
Butter for Vegans and Health-Conscious buddies!
Finally, a BETTER BUTTER is here!
Sarah’s Vegan Butter!
Spread. Fry. Saute. Bake.

Ingredients: Organic VCO, Rock Salt, Nature Identical Flavoring, Pasteurized Water, Lecithin as Emulsifier, and Beta Carotene from CarrotsTaste a kind of

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